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What Email Marketing Can Do For You

Posted on Sep 23, 2010 by Michael Herman | Posted in Email Marketing

Email Marketing>Build Brand Consistency – When sending email campaigns, it is important to stay consistent without overwhelming your contacts. Take this opportunity to build brand loyalty by sending out a campaign once a week, twice a month, or whenever you think would best suit your brands needs without being overbearing. Your consumers will begin to look forward to your email campaigns once you set the pace for when to send out campaigns. This will also lead to less chances of someone unsubscribing because they are too bombarded with your emails and don’t want to receive them anymore.

>Engage your Contacts – Believe it or not, your customers want to talk to you. It is even better when you reach out to them. With a platform such as Digital Street, you can personalize your emails by simply including someone’s first name. It makes you look like you are going the extra mile to interact with that individual. Don’t forget to give your contacts a “call-to-action”. Remember, the whole point of sending an email is to potentially bring more business to your company. Whether you are promoting a sale or just talking about something new happening within your company, you should have links going back to your company’s website. This will lead to your customers feeling more engaged, and you will be getting the most out of your email marketing.

>Catch Them Quickly – With people around the world being extremely busy, you usually don’t have much time to catch the attention of your customers. Emails allow you to get straight to the point with what you are promoting. Make sure your subject line is strong enough to make the consumer want to see what’s inside your email! However, the subject line MUST be relevant to the message you are telling. Once your email has been opened, you still only have limited time to keep the reader’s attention, so make sure your email is direct and to-the-point.  Short and sweet is better than long and lengthy.  The beauty of using email marketing is being able to connect with your customers in a time efficient manner.

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