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CAN-SPAM Act | Are Your Emails CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Posted on Oct 13, 2010 by Michael Herman | Posted in Email Marketing


Back in 2003, Congress created the CAN-SPAM Act in order to prevent spam. There are rules in place now that need to be followed when sending emails, period. Don’t even think about not following the CAN-SPAM law or you might find yourself in up to a $16,000 pickle.

So what can you do to make sure your emails are CAN-SPAM compliant? It’s actually very simple, so don’t start sweating yet!

1) Don’t Lie About Who You Are. The “From” and “Reply-to” email addresses that are associated with your email must not be misleading. If you don’t want to use a personal email address, use an alternative email address such as

2) Your Subject Line Must Be Relevant To Your Email Campaign. This may seem like common sense to you, but there are email senders out there that have manipulated their subject line in order to ensure a higher open rate. This is the opposite of good. You want to gain your contacts trust, not take advantage of them.

3) Clearly Identify What The Message Is. If it is an ad, make sure the recipient knows it! This will set the expectation of what your contacts will always receive from you in the future.

4)  Provide A Valid Postal Address. This could be a current address or a post office box you’ve registered with the U.S. Postal Service.

5) Give Recipients An Option To Opt-Out. Although we understand that you want to continually build your contact lists rather than have people unsubscribe, your contacts have every right to not want to receive future emails from you. It is very natural to have a small percentage of your contacts unsubscribe each time you send out an email campaign. This is nothing to be too worried about.

Like we said, these rules are simple and based on clever reasoning. You want your contacts to trust you, to open your emails knowing what they can expect. You want your contacts to like you, to stay on your contact list because they enjoy what you have to say, not be stuck there deleting your emails every time yours comes around. Especially with the large amount of activity on Social Networks these days, you can’t afford to have a contact or customer complaining about you to the ever-listening social world.

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