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According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, personalized promotion mailings had almost 30% higher unique open rates and over 40% more unique click rates than non-personalized messages. Yet despite these compelling figures, an estimated 70% of companies don’t bother trying to personalize their emails.

This is criminal when you consider the enhancements in technology which enable companies to tailor each message to the needs of the recipient. An argument against technology in email marketing is that it makes messages less personalized but in reality, the opposite is the case.

Technology Helps You Weed Out Non-Engaged Recipients

Don’t assume that everyone on your subscriber list reads your emails. It is common for consumers to subscribe to emails without even thinking; some of them may even accidentally open your emails before sending them to the trash.

If you have low engagement rates, there is a risk of your emails being flagged as spam by the increasingly advanced email vendors. However, there are various technological innovations that enable you to find out who isn’t engaging with your emails. Then you can decide whether you want to re-engage or cut them adrift.

Technology Helps You Analyze Behavior

As we mentioned above, there are ways to check customer behavior to see if they are not engaging. You can also find out the links engaged subscribers click on and ask them to list their subscription preferences. For example, some subscribers may want a weekly email while others only want an email every month. This minor tweak could keep the customer happy and help you maintain the relationship.

Technology Helps You Give Customers What They Really Want

The best marketing automation platforms use all the information at their disposal to tell you precisely what customers want from your email blasts. If someone clicked on a page on your website that sells shoes, you can send an email offering a discount. It is even possible to find out the exact pair of shoes and offer a price reduction on them; now that’s good customer service!

It is preposterous to suggest that technology has anything but a positive effect on the personalization of emails. In the old days, customers received bland, template emails that didn’t even address them by name. With the recent advances in technology, you can now send emails based specifically on what consumers are interested in purchasing. These emails will appear as if they are written for them alone and that’s when your engagement rates really start to explode.

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