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Given how successful email marketing has proven to be, it is no surprise to learn that companies are increasing their respective budgets as they look to expand their brand globally. It is clear that increase customer engagement is the #1 priority of email marketers which means there will be an increase in the attention paid to customer segmentation and targeting while growing opt-in lists is also a vital part of email marketing in 2014. Below, we take a brief look at other initiatives that represent the future of email marketing.

Understanding of Data

Email marketers may finally get to grip with the fact that there is a shelf life when it comes to customer engagement and preference data. For instance, if a fashion retailer sees that a prospect signs up to an email newsletter and shows an interest in shoes, it is important for the retailer to know how long that data is actually relevant. Once the site engagement and purchasing behavior of the customer is available, there is a chance that some of the original preference data is no longer useful. As a result, marketers need to be more flexible with their data in 2014 and know how to incorporate it in real time.

Mobile Design

Instead of being seen as an afterthought like it was a few years ago or ‘important’ like it was last year, there will be a decided emphasis on mobile design and it will become the first consideration for designers ahead of laptops and desktops. This is an obvious evolution since studies show that mobile is becoming the leading platform for the consumption of marketing emails worldwide.


The integration of email and social media channels will finally become popular as marketers finally realize that there is nothing to fear and they will be amazed to find that adding social sharing links for social media sites takes a matter of seconds.

As things stand, marketers are still guilty of under using the power of social media and email as they have a fear that it would direct possible website traffic to their social media pages instead. Yet when you learn how to use social media and email integration tactically, you will be able to come up with a whole new strategy with new product launches, brand messaging and editorial features all perfect for email. When you use social media to amplify the effect, the results will astound you.

Email marketing will go from strength to strength in 2014 as it evolves and grows into one of the key marketing strategies, like it always has been.

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  1. Hi Michael, very nice post! Email marketing won’t be the same as we are seeing it till today. With the growing technology and changing environment, we will find so many new things come out in the new year. So it is very important for us to make changes and create an email campaign that time demands.

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