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The huge increase in popularity of smartphones and their convenience for users means that email marketers need to find ways of tailoring campaigns to suit users of mobile devices. As at May 2012, it was discovered that approximately 66% of smartphone users check their email at least once a day. Clearly this is a golden opportunity for email marketers.

However, it is not being grasped properly as email marketers are struggling to turn email views into click-throughs. While 27% of emails opened on a desktop or laptop are clicked-through, only 10% of emails on mobile devices enjoy the same success. It is obvious that marketers need to change their tactics and formulate content specifically for mobile users and here are some tips.

Find Out The Devices Being Used To Click & Open

You need to discover if your target audience uses tablets or smartphones and also learn more about their purchasing behavior: for example, do they open the email using a mobile device but only make the purchase on a laptop or desktop? Most surveys indicate that iPhones are used most often when it comes to opening retail emails for example with Microsoft Outlook second and the iPad third.

When it comes to click-throughs, it would appear as if Outlook and Hotmail are the most commonly used devices. There are some interesting statistics we have discovered; while the percentage opens and click-throughs are almost the same on Outlook, there is a significant difference when it comes to iPads. It appears as if over 30% of people use the iPad to open the email only without clicking-through.

Getting Them To Open

The strategy for opening on mobile devices is similar to that of desktop opens but in the case of mobile, there is a pre-header text visible in the inbox. Use the pre-header text along with your name and the subject line together to entice them to open the email. Make sure the name is recognizable and it is best to use your brand name here. The pre-header text contains rich text and you should state your call to action at this stage.

The subject line should be no more than 40 characters long and the email itself should be filled with the benefits of using your product. Avoid using words like ‘coupon’ and ‘voucher’ and if applicable, have a seasonal theme to generate interest. It goes without saying that the email must be readable and also quite short. You can use longer copy if it is necessary but the email must be scrollable and the template must be clickable.

When you take the above tips into consideration, you should help your audience to interact with your emails on a mobile device. Send the emails at the optimum time and increase the level of convenience and you should see a boost in audience responsiveness.

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