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It seems as if email marketing performs better than social media; according to McKinsey & Company survey, email is approximately 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined! Of course, email marketing is just part of the equation and just because it is more effective than social media, you shouldn’t completely disregard the latter. In fact, integration of the two will provide you with an even greater ROI because of the potential wider net provided by social media. Below, we show you 5 ways in which you can combine the two for more customers.

  • Sharing: As you want more readers who are like your current audience, tap into the networks of your subscribers and ask them to share their newsletter with their social media ‘friends’.
  • Newsletter Updates: When publishing a newsletter from Response Wise, you can automatically post on social media when your newsletter gets published. It is customizable on Facebook and LinkedIn and you can even post a picture. The day before your newsletter is due to be released, post an update on your social media channels previewing the content and remind people that there is still time to sign up.
  • Use Links: Simply link back to your business website from your newsletter and your social media profiles. I would recommend that you send a link to a specific landing page rather than a home page. Consider the reasons why a social network follower would want to visit your website and ensure that you provide precisely what they are looking for when they reach the landing page.
  • Use Pinterest: View your latest newsletter and pick out an important image from it and pin in on one of your company’s Pinterest boards. Now you must link it back to the newsletter. Not only will this give you some welcome additional exposure, it is also a neat SEO trick as well.
  • Social Media Snippets: Another great way of getting newsletter subscribers to connect with you on social media is to take screenshots of positive customer engagement on Twitter/Facebook etc. and then use Snagit or a similar tool to take a snapshot of these conversations and include them in your newsletter. For best results, combine this with a call to action and enjoy an improved response rate.

Although you will perform admirably by only using email marketing, savvy businesses also utilize social media channels because they know that a combination of the two provides unbeatable results.

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