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If you have been involved in email marketing for a considerable period of time, you’ll probably come up against a common problem: you may have 10,000 email addresses but discover few of the names on the list engage with your company. One of your first instincts will be to email the list all over again with a new offer but this is a really bad idea. No one wants the first contact with a company in months to consist of a sales pitch. It is likely recipients of such an email will unsubscribe with spectacular speed.

The Goal of Re-Engagement
Obviously, you want to see the percentage of your list that is still good but your real goal is to ensure subscribers are happy to see you again. You need to convince subscribers that it is worth spending time on your company because you can provide them with real value and genuine benefits. Therefore, you need to set aside thoughts of making a sale initially and focus on ensuring you have the attention of your readers.

Making It worth Their While
One of the best ways to get subscribers active again is to send them an email series consisting of content related to your core offering. For example, if you are involved in content marketing you could create a series dedicated to providing tips on how to use psychology to win over prospects. Every email in the series should provide something useful as a means of improving the lives of your subscribers. Assuming you know your product/market inside out, it should be possible to use the email series as a means of showing you as an authority in the niche.

Value Proposition
You need to capture the reader’s attention so begin by apologizing for being away and mentioning that you were working on innovative new ways to make content marketing (or whatever your niche is) more effective. Then you offer them the choice to accept your email series on psychology in content marketing (for example). It is best to ensure the content is in the top half of the email while the offer is on the bottom half.

Product Pitch
This is what you’ve been waiting for! You wait until the email series is over then you ask the subscriber if he felt the information was useful and valuable. Now is the time to issue the call to action where you promise to provide even more useful information on the topic at hand. Subscribers who have read the entire email series are clearly interested in what you have to say and find what you offer to be useful. This makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.

Reviving your email list can be a great way to increase your business but you need to be patient and avoid going for the sale straight away. Instead, you need to slowly become reacquainted with your subscribers and prove you are worth keeping around. Eventually, you will regain their trust and perhaps even their custom.

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