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Although we espouse becoming proficient in all the different facts of email marketing, you can’t beat good old-fashioned great content. To that end, I have come up with seven quick tips to help you create outstanding emails which enjoy high open and click-through rates.

  1. ‘We’ is more Important than ‘Me’: Too many email marketing campaigns focus on the company rather than what the recipient wants. Fill each email with important details rather than wasting space with a company’s boring history.
  2. List Benefits Not Features: Customers don’t care about what a product does, they want to know why these features are useful to them. Outline benefits and reap the rewards.
  3. Keep Your Subject Line Promise: Recipients of emails are fed up getting emails containing information completely different to what was mentioned in the subject line. If you have promised to supply ‘6 tips to get a 6-pack’ you better do it instead of trying to sell some hackneyed fat loss system.
  4. Know Your Target Audience: Market research prior to the creation of your emails is essential. If you don’t know who your target customers are, how are you supposed to craft emails that seem tailor-made? Your content needs to be relevant to the recipients of the email if you wish to be seen as someone who can solve their problems and meet their demands.
  5. Have One Goal: You need a laser-like focus with each and every email or else it will descend into chaos. Although including several calls to action is good email marketing practice, each one should lead to the same place and have one objective. Adding in more than one message per email will only confuse prospects who will ‘unsubscribe’ en masse.
  6. Proofread: This is probably the more obvious tip yet it is also the most overlooked. Emails that are not proofread generally contain mistakes and this looks amateurish and spammy. Proofread rigorously and don’t rely on spell-check alone or risk losing credibility.
  7. Generate Urgency: If the email is offering details of a sale, there must be an urgent deadline; if you are selling something, there must be a bonus for the first few subscribers etc. Basically, your emails need something which persuades recipients to act immediately. Fail to do this and your emails will sit in a prospect’s inbox and may never be read.

You can invest as much as you like in email marketing but if you don’t have great copy, you may as well write in hieroglyphics. Follow the above tips today for a better conversion rate.

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