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When it comes to producing mobile friendly content, most brands are still lagging behind in terms of developing email content design. According to research carried out by Response Wise in October 2013, only 12% of brands use responsive email design and only 10% use mobile-friendly design in their emails. Virtually all the rest stick with the tried and trusted email for desktop approach.

The trouble with this is the fact that Internet users are beginning to switch towards email opens on a mobile device. In 2014, mobile email could account for anything from 15% to 70% of email opens depending on various factors including your target audience. It is estimated that the average mobile Internet users spends 9 minutes a day reading emails, a figure that is sure to increase. Below, we quickly look at mobile email designs to boost open rates.

Responsive Web Design

This is actually an all-encompassing term for a number of different advanced design techniques which optimize renderings of an email for certain email clients or screen resolution. Adaptive web design involves using one or two pixel-width ‘breakpoints’ that will correspond to the screen sizes of tablets, smartphones and desktops so user experience is optimized regardless of the device he uses.

Mobile Aware Email Design

You can of course be more specific and adopt techniques that are specially designed for emails on mobile devices. This includes using a single column layout, including large images, buttons and text and ensuring that links are spaced out so that users don’t accidentally click the wrong one.

While these techniques end up creating emails that should function well across all screen sizes, it pays special attention to the needs of smartphone users. Already, major retailers such as Victoria’s Secret and JCPenney have gone down this route and enjoyed real success. Victoria’s Secret actually reduced the number of links in its navigation bar as part of its email content design plan; where there were once 11 links, now there are only 4. The result is a shorter message that is easier to read on a mobile device.

Generally speaking, the number of brands that utilize a particular marketing tactic indicates how successful it is likely to be but when it comes to email content marketing content for mobile devices, a huge number of organizations are behind the curve. This means you have a wonderful opportunity to get a leg up on your rivals in 2014 so implement mobile-friendly email marketing today.

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