Dynamic Image Support

Personalize Your Images

Dynamic images are images that change depending on one or more values that are “passed” to the system that delivers them. The variables are custom field tags (%%FirstName%%, for example) inserted into the URL, and are replaced with actual values (e.g. the ID of a customer, the email of the recipient, the name of the person…) at the time the email message is viewed. While Response Wise provides the platform to build, send & track your emails, you’ll need to also use a service like Niftyimages working in tandem with Response Wise.

Dynamic Image Support

Dynamic countdown timers

Another great application for dynamic images is countdown timers. Here you will be passing in the Dynamic URL the date of an event, the time of a new store’s grand opening, the date and time a promotion expires… you name it. The system on the other side will automatically generate a GIF animation that will look like a countdown timer, signaling the time remaining to the event. Response Wise provides you with the tools to create & send your emails and there are many services that you can use for this purpose. Niftyimages again, but also CountdownMail and others that will work together with the Response Wise system.

Dynamic Image Support

Dynamic Advertisements

You can also use dynamic images to turn your emails into a revenue producer, if you have a large audience and are open to the idea of hosting third-party ads. Companies like LiveIntent provide a quality solution for publishers that want to monetize newsletters, blog digests, etc. Response Wise gives you the tools to build & send your emails that contain the dynamic ads discussed above.


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