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Even if your email marketing campaign efforts in 2013 were a resounding success, you will need to make improvements and adjustments in 2014 or risk being left behind. Below, we look at 5 ways to continue making money with email marketing this year.

1 – Subject Line Emphasis

The subject line actually consists of the sender’s name, the subject and a snippet of information. A good way to maximize this vital part of your message is to include the company name in the ‘From’ line and keep valuable space for the subject line itself. Always ensure that the most important point is in the first line of the body as this is what the recipient sees.

2 – Conversion Tracking

Finding out the channel that is responsible for a certain goal is tough so you need to look at ALL channels that contributed to each goal to ensure you don’t discount the impact that email marketing has on your success. Set up Google Analytics across your domain and use UTM tags on incoming links from email marketing; this helps you optimize your email marketing campaigns for profit.

3 – New Personalization

Personalizing messages is considered passé yet you can still enjoy success with this tactic by being creative. One business enjoyed a 35% increase in revenue by sending custom coupons named after the company they work for.

4 – Use Surveys

One of the best ways to increase your audience is by improving subscription rates on your landing page and blog posts. Using the ‘nudge’ or survey feature on Response Wise, for example, you can ask a simple yes/no question to begin the process of customer engagement and then ask a second question; those that answer positively to the second question can then be directed to a subscribe form. You can place a survey from a site like Response Wise anywhere on your site and it is possible to raise subscription rates by 500%!

5 – User Actions

Action based emails were already popular in 2013 and now they will dominate the landscape. Trigger-based campaigns increase your click-through rate and provide you with a raft of new ways to email your customers. These type of campaigns run automatically and permanently lift your conversion rate. When you automate an email marketing campaign based on the actions of recipients, you reduce the chances of making mistakes and increase your chances of attaining success.

If you are not already utilizing the above email marketing tactics in 2014, now is the time to start as an up-to-date campaign will provide you with the highest possible conversion rate.

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  1. Email marketing won’t be the same as we have been seeing it till today. With the growing technology and changing surroundings, we will find so many changes in email marketing strategies in 2014. So you must prepare your strategy according to the need of current time to gain good results.

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