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Methods for acquiring new and accurate data is constantly evolving. Data is changing all of the time and with our partners making over 24 million calls a year, we like to boast our data source is pretty solid.

For business to business leads, data is sourced from U.S. Yellow Page directories, new business filings, daily utility connections, press releases, corporate websites, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and more.

For direct to consumer leads, data is gathered from voter registration files, utility connects, real estate and tax assessments, behavioral data, bill processors, and more. Then, dozens of proprietary enrichment sources are integrated to ensure you get the most accurate and complete information possible.

Additionally, standard verification and hygiene procedures are applied to all data records to ensure content quality as well as the highest connect and deliverability rates. These processes include dual address standardization, NCOA Link, LACS Link, DPV, DSF2, Cass, area code/exchange validation, geo-coding, and Do Not Call / Do Not Mail and other relevant processing.

Business to Consumer Data

Select consumer data by the following types:

• Age, Gender & Marital Status
• Home Value
• Estimated Income
• Households with Children
• Neighborhood
• Hobbies & Interests
• Area Code
• City/State/Zip Code
• Country with or without Address State

Business to Business Data

Define B2B data by the following types:

• Number of Employees
• Sales Volume
• Area Code, State & Country
• NAICS / SIC Codes or Ranges
• Industry
• Contact Title (President, VP, etc.)
• City/State/Zip Code
• Credit Rating
• Neighborhood

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