Here's what you get

Account Creation and Setup

• Admin User Creation and Setup for Organization (creation of up to 5 new users
• Outgoing Email account setup for users and STMP configuration for corporate email accounts

Contacts (Marketing and Sales)

• Importing of Your Contacts
• Customizing Field Data for Contact Records
• Lead Fields Created

Advanced Automation

• Webforms created for landing pages and web site (up to 3 web forms)
• Workflows (Up to 5 automated workflows creates for contacts and leads) An example of a workflow is when a new lead comes into the system, we predefine triggered activities to occur for that lead – new task being created, or automated emails sent, etc.

Email Marketing Template

• Custom designed email marketing template
• Responsive design to fit any browser or device
• Up to 4 revisions
• Personalized content variables
• Multiple content blocks
• Content and link tracking

Lead Profile Scoring

• Establish 1 target module for profiles (module = leads, contacts, opportunities etc)
• Create and define conditions for the profiles
• Create profile rating and scoring definitions

Mail Converter Setup

• Configuration of the Mail Converter to scan emails and create tasks or tickets based on a set of predefined rules. We will create 1 rule for the mail converter

Comprehensive System Training

• One-hour initial training on the overall system once setup is complete (Training includes overview of importing contacts, creating workflows, creating tasks, adding users, sharing calendars, generating reports, creating web forms)
• Ongoing customer support on the system Mon-Friday 8am-5pm

100 FREE Consumer or Business Leads

• Selection Criteria for Consumer Leads: Age, Gender, Martial Status, Home Value, Estimated Income, Households with Children, Neighborhood, Hobbies and Interest, Area Code, City, State, Zip, USA
• Selection Criteria for Business Leads: Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Area Code, State, County, SCI Codes or Ranges, Industry, Contact Title, City, Zip, Credit Rating, Area

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