Contact Management

Easily import contacts from anywhere. Manage your contact records with notes, tasks and documents. Quickly stay on top your communications through multiple touchpoints per contact record, i.e. email, text or phone calls. Review contact history and maintain sensible follow up conversations.


contact management


lead management


Lead Management

Capture leads through web forms built for landing pages. Automate lead assignment and distribution with pre-defined workflows. Designate leads to individual sales reps or teams based on criteria such as region, product, department and more. Prioritize leads by ranking and scoring them based on activities or pre-defined criteria. For example, if they open an email, respond to a survey and download a white paper, they get a positive score and convert into a new lead.


Task & Event Manager

View existing calendar events and tasks synchronized across any system you use, from Google Calendar to Outlook. Automate the creation of new tasks, like reminders to follow up on calls after they happen and reach related CRM records in just clicks. Add meeting reminders for yourself via text and email.


task management




Workflows & Triggers

Workflows will streamline your business by automating operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, etc. As tasks are performed automatically, you need not have to execute them manually. Create if-then rules that automate repetitive but important tasks. These look for a trigger you define, such as an opportunity being idle for 48-hours, or an invoice being created, and once triggered, can send an email, create a task, update a record, or send an SMS message.


Pipeline Management

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, Response Wise CRM ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline. Track the ROI of leads from different marketing sources. Key performance indicators like conversion ratios, cost per deal, and more give you concrete insights about how to improve your campaigns. Your team can identify sources that can bring more leads and the ones that need improvement.


sales pipeline





Once an opportunity has been identified and added to your Response Wise CRM list of opportunities, you can then establish where to focus your attention and convert leads into customers, fast.. Click into any opportunity to see important information like related contacts and organizations, forecast amount and expected close dates. There, you can also add notes, attach documents, and have collaborative conversations about how to win each opportunity. As opportunities progress, attach quotes and invoices, or once they’re won, create projects in one-click for post-sales teams to get up to speed and manage work quickly.

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