SMS Messenger

Gain the flexibility to send text messages to your customers. You can also send text messages to multiple records at once. In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Response Wise CRM.


sms messaging


email communication


Email Communication

Create pre-written email templates to send out to customers and prospects one to one. In addition to outgoing messages, the Mail Manager feature is an integrated email client that allows users to perform Response Wise CRM related actions such as create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets/Cases, Events, and Task from the emails that you receive in your inbox. On matching sender’s email id with a record in Response Wise CRM, you can perform more actions like: Attaching email, Adding Task, Comment and Ticket/Case. Additionally, you can manage composing, replying, forwarding emails, etc.


Customer Portal

The customer portal shows logged in customers elements of their relationship history with you. You can choose to let them see things like the status of recent tickets they’ve submitted; quotes, invoices, and a number of other records that you have related to them in Response Wise CRM.


customer portal





Phone Calls module connects Response Wise CRM to hosted telephony services such as Twilio, Plivo, ViciDial, Knowlarity, Exotel & Asterisk.


Support & Service Contracts

Monitor support requests and service contracts with customers and seamlessly associate support tickets with service contracts or organizations.


support tickets

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