Whether you’re running a calling campaign, Google ad words campaign etc, you will want to plan and keep your data organized. Under campaigns, you can easily set budgets, assign ownerships to tasks, and measure the success of campaigns.







Build web-to-lead forms for your landing pages using a simple interface. Capture information from those who are responding to your campaigns or inquiring about a product or service. Easily add lead conversion maps and add lead assignment to those leads that complete the sales funnel.


Email Marketing

Engage your contacts with beautiful email that’s effortless to build, target and send. Start from one many predesigned templates or build one from scratch using the drag-and-drop email designer. Once your structure is in place, add and edit text, graphics, and colors, and your email is ready to target and send. Once you’ve sent your campaign, find out how it performed. How successful was the subject line at getting people to open it? Who clicked on what links? Who responded? Learn what messages are relevant to whom, how deeply they engage, and how to drive further engagement.


email marketing





Automate communications that provide value to prospects and customers. Provide relevantly connected communication experiences by creating ideal customer profiles and develop automated workflows based on predefined values.


Lead Capture Forms

Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions. Link Response Wise CRM to forms on your website to automatically create leads or contacts from form submissions. All form field information automatically maps to corresponding fields in Response Wise CRM.


lead capture

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