Easily add video to your email campaigns.

Posted on Jan 12, 2018 by Response Wise | Posted in Email Deliverability, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, SYSTEM UPDATES

An easy way to add content from YouTube or Vimeo
The new video content block allows you to easily share your video content in your email campaigns. You only need to copy and paste the URL to your video from your YouTube or Vimeo channel, and Response Wise will do the rest: it will automatically grab the cover image for the video, overlay a Play icon you can customize on top of it and automatically link it to your chosen video content.

How it works
You will now find a new “Video” tile in the “Content” panel. Drag it into your design to get started.

The “Content properties” section will ask you to provide a video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, the popular video hosting services that we currently support.


Once you insert a valid YouTube or Vimeo video URL, the content block in the editing panel will display the cover image for the video with a Play icon overlayed on top of it. You can edit the type, color, and size of the Play icon to change the way it looks.


Select the icon type that fits your design…


… choose the color that looks best with your cover image…


… and pick a size. You’re all done!

Notes about embedding video in email
This feature does not embed the actual video in the email, but rather links to it in a smart way.

The reason why the actual video content is not embedded into the message is that, unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well. Many email clients do not support embedded video yet, and Apple has been “back and forth” on video support in iOS over the years.

Additionally, many emails are opened on mobile devices and viewing videos on a mobile device can cause substantial data usage in addition to a poor user experience due to the quality of the data connection.


New Import/Export Process

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 by Michael Herman | Posted in SYSTEM UPDATES

Hello All-

We have implemented a new import/export process. Now instead of you having to wait for your list to import with the progress bar, your list is sent to a job queue that processes the upload directly on the server.

This allows for a much faster handling of your lists! Once you select your list to be imported or exported, you are then taken to a page where you can View Scheduled Import/Export Queue.  Once there you will see your job queue.

You can then “View Your Results” for imported lists which will give you a report like this:

The contact import has been completed successfully

122 contacts were imported successfully

0 contacts were updated successfully

1 duplicates

0 contacts are unsubscribed

0 contacts are suppressed from joining this contact list

1 contact contains bad data

0 contacts were not imported successfully

Or if you are exporting, there will be an option to ‘Download.’

Another benefit of the new import/export process is that you can now schedule multiple jobs at once in the same browser. In other words, you can import as many lists as you like at one time without have to wait for each list to complete or opening a new browser to start a new import job.

Hope you like it!

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