Understanding Social Media Monitoring

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Often times when you hear people talk about social media monitoring it’s usually in reference to brand management. While that’s certainly an important part of social media monitoring, it’s by no means the whole story. Brand management is only one part of what should be comprehensive strategy. Brian Chappell over at Ignite Social Media does an excellent job of explaining this in his latest post. He lays out in detail the 4 cornerstones of social media monitoring.

The 4 cornerstones are:

  1. Competitive Analysis
  2. Product Development
  3. Reputation Management
  4. Outreach

Click over to Brian’s post to read detailed explanations of each.

Test The New Google Interface

Posted on Nov 30, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media


Take a test drive of Google’s new interface redesign! Paste the following code into the address bar of your browser when on Google.com and hit return. This should activate the brand new prototype interface with new logo, buttons, and side panel. (Be sure to sign out of Google first)

Paste this code:

javascript:void(document.cookie=”PREF=ID=20b6e4c2f44943bb:U=4bf292d46faad806:TM=1249677602:LM=1257919388:S=odm0Ys-53ZueXfZG;path=/; domain=.google.com”);

I think the new interface looks pretty cool. I like the blue buttons. What do you think about it?

(hat tip Daily SEO Blog)

Video: Using Twitter As A Platform For Business

Posted on Nov 24, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Here’s an interesting video from Joel Mark Witt on how to use Twitter as a platform for business:

How can you use Twitter as a platform for your business?

Do Your Next Video Marketing Project With Digital Street

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Are you looking for a company to do your next video marketing project? If so, we can help. We’ve put together some killer video campaigns for many companies and we can do the same for you.

Here’s what we can do:

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SEO Tips For Online Retailers

Posted on Nov 16, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Michelle Bowles over at Online Marketing Blog has 5 SEO Tips for online retailers.

Video: Social Media = Business

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk explains why social media = business:

Mistakes New Twitter Users Make

Posted on Nov 6, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media


First of all, I don’t believe in getting all preachy when it comes to using Twitter. The neat thing about Twitter is that you can use it however you want. That being said, you can enrich your Twitter experience and gain a ton of followers in the process if you adhere to some basic rules of the road. Guy Kawasaki (the dude who co-founded Alltop.com) lists 11 common mistakes that new Twitter users make over at Open Forum.

Here are the first two:

1. Don’t tell other people how to tweet. There are two kinds of Twitter Fascists: first, the “social media guru” who believes that he is the conscience of Twitter and has the God-given right to regulate the use of Twitter. Arguably, there are three people who can do this: Biz Stone, Ev Wiliams, and Jack Dorsey. (I would even debate this at this point, but that’s another posting.)The second kind of Twitter Fascist is the “ninety-day wonder”—that is, someone who’s been on Twitter for less than ninety days, has less than ninety followers, follows less than ninety people, and has made less than ninety tweets but believes that he should be telling everyone else how to use Twitter. This is the Twitter version of the “Ugly American.”

There is no right and wrong with Twitter. There’s only what works for you and what doesn’t, so telling people how to use Twitter is as laughable as telling people what kind of websites were acceptable in 1980. Twitter is a platform—do with it what you want, but don’t tell others what to do.

Nota bene: I realize the irony—even hypocrisy—of me telling you that you shouldn’t tell others what to do on Twitter in a post that is doing just that. The difference is that I’m not doing it personally and publicly to “call you out” in order to make myself feel important; I’m not a social media guru; and I have more followers, followees, and tweets than ninety.

2. Don’t tell the world that you unfollowed someone.

Just why do you think that anyone cares?

What’s going through your brain: “I’m showing this orifice who’s boss. I’m telling my fifty followers that I’m not following her anymore. That will teach her not to tweet the kind of stuff that I don’t like.”

What’s going through the brain of your fifty followers: first, technically, forty are porn spammers. The other ten are thinking: “If you don’t like how someone tweets, just unfollow her. Is this iCarly or Twitter?”

Think of Twitter as television: if you don’t like what’s playing, change the channel. There’s no upside to making a grandiose play for attention because few people care why you did it and even fewer are willing to change if they did know. If anything, you may cause more people to follow the person you unfollowed—and that may piss you off even more.

Click over to Open Forum to read the rest!

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Social Media Explained

Posted on Nov 3, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Here’s one of the best explanations of social media I’ve seen yet:

Social Media in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

Video: How A Traditional Ad Agency Is Moving Into Social Media

Posted on Oct 29, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer interviews Edward Boches of Mullin on how his ad agency is meeting the social media demands of its clients. Mullen has been in the advertising game for more than 25 years and represented some of the top companies in America. Mullin saw the landscape of traditional advertising beginning to change a few years ago and have changed with it. The key to keeping any business relevant is the ability to be flexible. Never allow yourself to get entrenched in a certain way of doing business. Changing with the times and embracing new technologies and techniques will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

SME-TV: An Ad Agency Doing Social Media Right from Jason Falls on Vimeo.

Video: Google Launches Social Search Experiment

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 by Michael Herman | Posted in Social Media

(hat tip Lifehacker)

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