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…We have seen a huge ROI and with their excellent support, we now have a partner we can lean on to execute a solid email marketing strategy.

- Diana Braschler, CEO, Dealer Source Limited

What our customers are saying...

We needed a system that was intuitive, didn't commit us to a long term contract and also provide great support. We felt those requirements were pretty standard and Response Wise met those needs the best. Fantastic tool and great support!

Angelos Angelou
Principal Executive Officer, Chief Strategist
Angelou Economics

Hands down we love these guys. We were ready to make a move from our then email marketing provider. Response Wise made the transition very easy. In fact, they migrated everything over free of charge and designed a new template! Thanks Response Wise!

George Elliman

When I first started using Response Wise, I had loads of questions about how to run my email marketing campaigns. The Response Wise customer support team walked me through many things I had questions on. They were very eager to help me out and it made a huge difference with my campaigns.

Riley Gerber
Executive Director
Bone Shaker Project

Powerful Automation Tools


Lead Capturing

Add Response Wise lead forms to your website, landing pages, social sites and more. Leads that funnel through the web forms to your CRM instance are automatically created as new lead records.


Lead Scoring

Prioritize lead development with lead ranks and scores. Predefine prospect and customer profiles and setup workflows based on how leads match against your ideal ‘types.’


Triggered Campaigns

Set up automated messages that respond to your recipients based on pre-determined variables through Email or SMS. Create triggered responses to occur based on recipient actions.


Campaign Engagement

Rank and score leads based on engagement with your campaign. Track activity and develop responses to guide your campaign audience down your sales road map.

Time Saving Integrations

Response Wise CRM

Combine your email marketing efforts with our full featured CRM. Response Wise makes it easy to keep your marketing & contact management all under one roof.

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